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The Force of Nature

High performance cleaning products made of all natural chemicals

Ideal for Everyday Use

Keep your home toxin-free

Multipurpose and Effective

An extensive line of product designed for different surfaces

Giving Hong Kong’s Plastic Bottles A New Life

We recycle and process empty bottles to encourage sustainability and reduce waste

Zero Impact aims at introducing the best green products in the industry that respect the people and environment.

The Zero Line is a diverse range of cleaning products that deliver high performance with reduced  environmental impact. Made from 100% natural materials, our products guarantee high effectiveness while keeping a cost that is unbeatable by anything else on the market.

Best Sellers


Tested in an ISO 17025 certified laboratory for effectiveness


Produced with 100% raw materials from natural origins


Created naturally resulting in a fully biodegradable formula

Product Uses

Our products are designed to meet the cleaning needs for different types of surfaces, areas and environments.


All our packaging is 100% Recyclable

Our vision of creating sustainable products starts from the detergents and finish at the packaging. That's why all our plastic packaging is fully recyclable. 

Business Deals

We offer special package prices for cleaning companies in the hygiene sector. Learn more about what works best for your type of dirt or grease from the experts and discuss further with our team.

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Corporate Packages

Whether it is for schools, hotels or F&B, our products are adaptable for different spaces and surfaces. Delivering high effectiveness and guaranteed safety, they are suitable for anyone to use. 

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Self pick-up locations

You can arrange to pick up your order from these locations within 48 hours to save courier charges.

Our Partners & Clients

We work with a large variety of partners and clients in maintaining safe hygiene.