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Tabs Chlorine

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The convenient way to use chlorine for sanitising and cleaning purposes.
1-2 tablets for every 5 Litres of water. 

High chlorine content, excellent solubility
🌟Easy to store and save space
🌟 No odor Chlorine tablets have a disinfecting/bleaching effect and are suitable for all types of disinfection and any surface
For bleaching undyed fabrics: all white or chlorine-resistant fabrics. Suitable for temperatures below 60°C.
How to use: Dissolve 1 tablet in 5L of water and apply directly on the surface for disinfection

Enhanced disinfection: Dissolve 1 tablet in 1L of water, equal to 6000ppm of disinfectant
Store in a cool place. Do not swallow, wear gloves when handling

150 tablets per container.


🌟氣味不嗆鼻 氯片具有消毒/漂白作用,適用於所有類型的消毒和任何表面

使用方法: 將1片藥片溶解在5L水中,直接在表面上塗抹進行消毒
加強消毒: 將1片藥片溶解在1L水中,等於6000ppm消毒劑

Tabs Chlorine

Tabs Chlorine