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1. BIO3GEN Features

BIO3GEN is regarded as top of the line industry tech which uses 'OZONE' as a sanitising agent. OZONE is an environmentally friendly gas used to eradicate viruses, bacteria, pathogens as well as eliminating insects and rodents in corporate offices.

Used as an indoor cleaning product, it removes odours, disinfects clothes and footwear and even preserves fresh food. According to the FDA, OZONE is acknowledged as safe to use in the production of meat, eggs, fish, cheese, fruits, vegetables and water. This is due to its high oxidising power and the chemical agent breaking down into pure oxygen within 30 minutes of use without leaving any harmful chemical residues.

Model: BIO3GEN
Dimensions: 29x29x7 cm
Power: AC220V±l0%/50Hz
Gas/Min: 3-3.6L/min.
OZONE Output: 400 mg/h
Net Weight: 1.5Kg
Power During Use: 15W/18W
Max Functioning Time: 120 min